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Septic System Installation

Prior to a septic installation, a soil test must be done. There are several factors that determine the type of installation best suited for your property, such as the type of soil, the size of the lot, municipal and provincial by-laws. A proper septic installation will maximise the life expectancy of your system.

With over 50 years of experience and more than 20,000 residential and commercial septic installations, Hans Gruenwald Entreprises Inc. is the specialists in the septic field.

Always in conformity with municipal and governmental by-laws, the enterprise handles an extensive variety of septic installations such as the Ecoflo system of Premier Tech Environment that is very eco-friendly.

Hans Gruenwald Inc. works in partnership with Service de Rebuts Soulanges Inc. who have specialized in septic cleaning for over 50 years. The two companies are the experts in the septic field for residential, commercial and municipal customers.

With a large fleet of trucks and equipment Hans Gruenwald Entreprises Inc. are well prepared to handle all of your projects. For a free estimate and quality work done by a team of experts call Hans Gruenwald Entreprises Inc. at 450-458-7014.


Is your current septic system failing? Are you building a new house and need a new septic system? Here is a clear and simple step by step process of how to proceed along with some general information that will be useful.

1. The type of septic system installed is determined by the results from a soil test that is done by an engineer or technician that specialises in soil testing and in the conception of your septic system. Their goal is to provide you with a clear report and a septic system that is designed according to the norms set up by the Ministry of Environment (MDDEP). This report is then used to request septic permits with the municipality and for a local contractor who will provide you with a price to do the installation.

2. The percentage of sand in your soil determines how permeable your soil is. There are 4 different categories of permeability. Very permeable, permeable, less permeable and impermeable. This information along with the depth of the water table and the physical space available on the property to implant a new system will determine what type of septic system will function adequately for your home.

3. There are 3 categories of septic systems. The first is the Conventional System which includes a septic tank and a traditional drainage field. When your soil does not meet the requirements to install this type of septic system you must go the next category called Secondary Treatment septic systems. The secondary septic system (ex. Ecoflo, Bionest, Enviro-septic, Roseau Épurateur) is a technology that has been created to filter the used water coming from your septic tank because the characteristics of your soil do not have the ability to do so. The secondary system has 3 components. A septic tank, the secondary treatment unit and a polishing leaching field (small drainage field)

4. Should your soil be classified as completely impermeable (often clay based) you will have to install the third category of septic systems: A Tertiary septic system. This system filters the used water twice in 2 different types of technology so that the water coming out of your system at the end is clear of all fecal coliforms and other micro-organisms and can be sent to a nearby ditch or storm sewer.

5. The price of septic systems for a 3 to 4 bedroom home can range from $5,500.00 to $20,000.00 plus applicable taxes all depending on the results from the soil test.

6. There are maintenance fees associated with the secondary and tertiary systems. The Ministry of Environment (MDDEP) demands that there be a yearly maintenance on all technologies that have been approved to treat used water for dwellings in an isolated environment.

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